Fitness and recreational rowing


Adult with the intention of practicing sport of rowing for fitness, fun, or to increase their knowledge and skills before beginning to compete.


During the winter, gym training, Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 18:00 to 19:00. Spring, summer and fall training, two or three workouts per week supervised Tuesday and Thursdays, from 18:00 to 20:00 and Sunday mornings at 9:00. Also possible to row during the opening hours of the club (with competitive or summer youth).


Have completed the Laval Rowing Club or any other club’s initiation program and have the ability to row or scull at an easy pace for 30 minutes.

Know how to swim


Fitness and recreational members gather for fun. They have the ability to pair with a crew or row singles. The monitors can row with them, cox them in eights or fours, or row with them to complete a crew. Recreational members have the opportunity to participate in recreational regatta’s in the Montreal area.

* Registration with Rowing Canada and the Quebec Rowing Association is mandatory and payable in person at the Laval Rowing Club or thru Amilia.

** Donations are not required but strongly recommended to improve equipment - LRC is a non-profit organisation