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GB Rowing Team names big squad for world cup

2015-06-08 04:04
Source Channel:  GB Rowing Team Source Link:

Fresh from an exciting European Championships, the GB Rowing Team has named a big squad for the World Cup in Varese, Italy, from June 19-21 June, where the standard of racing is likely to be more intense.

Many of the European gold-medal winning crews from Poznan 10 days ago remain unchanged. including the Olympic, World and European Champion women’s pair of Helen Glover and Heather Stanning and the World silver men’s pair of James Foad and Matt Langridge.

The same applies to the men’s four of Nathaniel Reilly O’Donnell, Alan Sinclair, Tom Ransley and Scott Durant. as well as to Charlotte Taylor and Olympic Champion Kat Copeland in the lightweight women’s double scull.

Imogen Walsh, winner of lightweight women’s single scull gold, moves into a second lightweight women’s double scull with World U23 medallist Eleanor Piggott.

The European Champion lightweight men’s pair of Joel Cassells, an U23 silver medallist, and Peter Chambers, with all the experience of a 2012 silver medal to bring to the boat, make the switch into the lightweight men’s four to race with Mark Aldred and Chris Bartley, also a 2012 silver medallist.

Sam Scrimgeour and Jono Clegg, fourth in the lightweight four in Poland, therefore return to the lightweight men’s pair - a boat in which they were 2014 World bronze medallists.

“We were delighted with the team’s performance at the European Championships but we are not getting carried away and we know that the tempo will rise in Varese with many big-hitting, non-European nations likely to enter”, said Sir David Tanner, GB Rowing Team Performance Director.

2012 light men’s four silver medallist Richard Chambers, older brother to Peter, and Will Fletcher remain the GB lightweight men’s double for Varese having impressed on their first international outing together to take silver.

Henry Fieldman takes his turn in the cox’s seat instead of Phelan Hill for the GB mens’ eight, brimming with Olympic and World medallists and unchanged since winning silver in Poznan.

Olympic Champion Katherine Grainger and Vicky Thornley have swapped seats, with Grainger moving to the bow, since their women’s double scull bronze in Poland.

Charles Cousins continues to be ruled out of racing in the GB men’s quad after breaking a bone in his hand. Jack Beaumont raced in the bronze medal winning boat as a substitute at the Europeans. On Lake Varese, his World U23 medal partner Angus Groom gets a run-out.

Groom impressed hugely by making the final in Poland on his debut as a senior single sculler which is the event Jack Beaumont will now contest in Italy alongside the returning 2012 Olympic bronze medallist Alan Campbell. who returns after time out with an injury. This will be Campbell’s first competitive race of 2015 having also sat out the GB Rowing Team Trials in April.

Jonny Walton and John Collins are the GB mens’ double once more in Italy. Experienced Olympians Beth Rodford and Frances Houghton with Jess Leyden, Melanie Wilson and Tina Stiller will cover the women’s single and women’s quad.

Vicky Meyer-Laker makes a return to competitive racing after injury in the women’s eight which is stroked by Zoe Lee and coxed by Zoe de Toledo.

Mat Tarrant and Calum McBrierty will race a second GB men’s pair, Rebecca Chin and Lucinda Gooderham are named in the no.2 women’s pair, and there will be a second lightweight men’s double of European single scull finalist Zak Lee Green and Sam Mottram who moves up into the senior squad from the U23s.

CREW LISTS (Includes club, home town, date of birth)
GB Rowing Team for World Cup 11,
Varese, Italy 19-21 June, 2015



Pair - two boats

Helen Glover (Minerva Bath RC/Penzance/17.06.86)
Heather Stanning (Army RC/Lossiemouth/26.01.85)
Coach: Robin Williams

Rebecca Chin (Agecroft RC/Deganwy/11.12.91)
Lucinda Gooderham ((Leander Club/Garboldisham/09.06.84)
Coach: Robin Williams


Katie Greves (Leander Club/Oxford/02.09.82)
Olivia Carnegie-Brown (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Oxford/28.03.91)
Jessica Eddie (London RC/Durham/07.10.84)
Donna Etiebet (Sport Imperial/London/29.04.86)
Victoria Meyer-Laker (Leander Club/Premnay/18.03.88)
Louise Reeve (Leander Club/London/16.05.84)
Rosamund Bradbury (Leander Club/Banstead/17.12.88)
Zoe Lee (Imperial College BC/Richmond/15.12.85)
Zoe de Toledo (Cox) (Leander Club/London/17.07.87)
Coach: James Harris

Double Scull

Katherine Grainger (St Andrew BC/Glasgow/12.11.75)
Victoria Thornley (Leander Club/Wrexham/30.11.87)
Coach: Paul Thompson

Quadruple and Single Scull

Frances Houghton (Univ of London Tyrian Club/Oxford/19.09.80)
Jessica Leyden (Leander Club/Todmorden/22.02.95)
Beth Rodford (Gloucester RC/Gloucester/28.12.82)
Kristina Stiller (Tees RC/Yarm/23.06.87)
Melanie Wilson (Imperial College BC/London/25.06.84)
Coach: Nick Strange

Women’s Spares

Karen Bennett (Leander Club/Edinburgh/05.02.89)



Pair - two boats

James Foad (Molesey BC/Southampton/20.03.87)
Matt Langridge (Leander Club/Northwich/20.05.83)
Coach: Rob Dauncey

Mat Tarrant (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Shepperton/11.07.90)
Calum McBrierty (Leander Club/Edinburgh/13.08.92)
Coach: Rob Dauncey


Alan Sinclair (Leander Club/Munlochy/16.10.85)
Nathaniel Reilly-O’Donnell (Univ of London BC/Durham/13.04.88)
Tom Ransley (Leander Club/Ashford/06.09.85)
Scott Durant (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Lancaster/12.02.88)
Coach: Christian Felkel


Matt Gotrel (Leander Club/Chipping Campden/01.03.89)
Stewart Innes (Leander Club/Henley-on-Thames/20.05.91)
Pete Reed (Leander Club/Nailsworth/27.07.81)
Paul Bennett (Univ of London BC/Leeds/16.12.88)
Mohamed Sbihi (Molesey BC/Surbiton/27.03.88)
Alex Gregory (Leander Club/Wormington/11.03.84)
George Nash (Molesey BC/Guildford/02.10.89)
Will Satch (Leander Club/Henley-on-Thames/09.06.89)
Henry Fieldman (cox) (Molesey BC/Barnes, London/25.11.88)
Coach: Jurgen Grobler

Single Scull - two boats

Alan Campbell (Tideway Scullers School/Coleraine/09.05.83)

Jack Beaumont (Leander Club/Maidenhead/21.11.93)
Coach: John West

Double Scull

Jonny Walton (Leander Club/Leicester/06.10.90)
John Collins (Leander Club/Twickenham/24.01.89)
Coach: Mark Banks

Quadruple Scull

Angus Groom (Leander Club/Glasgow/16.06.92)
Sam Townsend (Reading Univ BC/Reading/26.11.85)
Graeme Thomas (Agecroft RC/Preston/08.11.88)
Peter Lambert (Leander Club/Maidenhead/03.12.86)
Coach: Paul Stannard

Men’s Spares

Oliver Cook (Univ of London/Windsor/05.06.90)



Double Scull - two boats

Kat Copeland (Tees RC/Ingleby Barwick/01.12.90)
Charlotte Taylor (Putney Town RC/Bedford/14.08.85)
Coach: Paul Reedy

Eleanor Piggott (Wallingford RC/Olney/16.05.91)
Imogen Walsh (London RC/Inverness/17.01.84)
Coach: Paul Reedy




Sam Scrimgeour (Imperial College BC/Kirriemuir/28.01.88)
Jonathan Clegg (Leander Club/Maidenhead/14.07.89)

Coach: Rob Morgan


Peter Chambers (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Coleraine/14.03.90)
Joel Cassells (Oxford Brookes Univ BC/Coleraine/15.06.94)
Mark Aldred (London RC/Birmingham/18.04.87)
Chris Bartley (Leander Club/Chester/02.02.84)
Coach: Rob Morgan

Double Scull - two boats

Richard Chambers (Leander Club/Coleraine/10.06.85)
Will Fletcher (Leander Club/Chester-le-Street/24.12.89)
Coach: Darren Whiter

Zak Lee-Green (Agecroft RC/Cardiff/05.02.91)
Sam Mottram (Leander Club/Stoke Mandeville/14.11.94)*
Coach: Darren Whiter



Coxed four (LTA 4+)

Grace Clough (Nottingham RC/Sheffield/21.06.91)
Daniel Brown (Upper Thames BC/Reading/29.11.82)
Pamela Relph (Leander Club/Aylesbury/14.11.89)
James Fox (Univ of London/Peterborough/02.05.92)
Oliver James (cox) (Leander Club/Henley-on-Thames/05.10.90)

Coach: Tom Dyson


Arms-shoulders single scull (ASM 1x)

Tom Aggar (Marlow RC/Maidenhead/24.05.84)
Coach: Nick Baker


Arms-shoulders single scull (ASW 1x)

Rachel Morris (Guildford RC/Farnham/25.04.79)
Coach: Tom Dyson


For background information about the The GB Rowing Team contact the Press office via or 07831 755351

For picture requests please contact:

GB Rowing Team website, including full rower biogs:

Follow us on:


THE GB ROWING TEAM is supported by the Lottery through UK Sport and has Science in Sport as a supplier. SAS Analytics is the Official Analytics Partner of British Rowing and the GB Rowing Team

Yale’s Crew Tops Harvard

2015-06-08 00:00
Source Channel:  New York Times - Rowing Source Link:

Yale’s heavyweight crew team defeated Harvard in their 150th regatta, the nation’s oldest collegiate sporting event.

US woman sets off on attempt to row solo across Pacific

2015-06-07 10:52
Source Channel:  Guardian - Rowing Source Link:

Sonya Baumstein leaves Choshi, Japan, hoping to reach San Francisco and become first woman to cross the ocean from west to east

An American hoping to become the first woman to row solo across the Pacific has left the Japanese port of Choshi at the beginning of a 6,000-mile journey to San Francisco.

Only three other rowboats have made the journey, and no woman has ever done it alone from west to west. Sonya Baumstein, from Orlando, Florida, waited for weeks to set out in her custom-designed green boat. She expects to arrive in California in September, rowing 14-16 hours a day when the weather allows and breaking her sleep to check her location.

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A Race to Alaska: No Motors, but No Limits on Imagination

2015-06-06 00:00
Source Channel:  New York Times - Rowing Source Link:

Fifty-four vessels started off Thursday from Port Townsend, Wash., in the 750-mile event. To the winner goes $10,000; to second place, steak knives.

Music to erg to, pt. 93

2015-06-05 22:28
Source Channel:  Ready All, Row... Source Link:

Whew. There is nothing better than turning off your 5:15am alarm and knowing you don’t have to turn it back on until September. Since officially wrapping the season up on Sunday night this week has felt very … empty, I guess … since I’m not spending what feels like most of my time at the boathouse. It’s been a nice break though. As some of you have probably figured out, I’ve been ignoring my email and Tumblr inbox for the last week (OK, last two weeks…) but don’t worry, you can expect to hear back from me or see your questions posted on here by Tuesday at the latest.

On another note, I’m not sure how much blogging I’m going to be doing this summer. A lot of the things I want to do with the blog aren’t things that are going to happen right away so unless I get questions on here or Tumblr, you probably won’t hear much from me for awhile. I didn’t anticipate how little time I’d have this year, especially this spring, to actually create content for the blog and instead of actually writing stuff I feel like I just collected ideas but never got around to actually doing anything with them. I want to spend the next several weeks just creating content but I don’t want to post it all right away because I feel like I’ll end up in the same position next year as I was this past year, where it’s a Monday or Wednesday night and I’m freaking out trying to figure out what I’m going to post the next day. That was really frustrating, not just because I hate doing things last minute but also because I feel like the quality of the blog went down a bit because of it (at least from my perspective).

So, here’s what feels like my annual request/plea to you guys: send me ideas. What do you want me to write about? What do you want to know? What do you want to see? Who should I talk to? Email me, message me on Tumblr, comment on here, or tweet me at @beantownkmd. For the most part I’ve kept it private up til now but for as much as I use Twitter to share the stuff I find cool, I figured I might as well utilize it to start sharing my own stuff. I haven’t gone so far as to start a Ready all, row… hashtag but we’ll see what happens. Like I said though, I need ideas and am always on the lookout for stuff to talk about on here so … help me out!

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Flashback Friday: May 31st – June 6th

2015-06-05 21:55
Source Channel:  Ready All, Row... Source Link:

QOTD: Really quick question. How do you call switches between pairs/fours when you’re doing a pause drill. I find myself saying, “in two stern pair out, 5 and 6 in… uhm… I mean… just switch here” when they hit a pause and it’s awkward for me and my rowers. I don’t know what else to do though. Ideas?

QOTD: Hey! This isn’t exactly about rowing but I was hoping you could help. So I have been emailing with a college coach a little bit and I am supposed to call him this week. The only thing is I get really nervous when I talk on the phone so I am really nervous about calling him. Do you have any advice about talking to college coaches on the phone? Thanks!

VOTW: Tiger Navy at SRAAs. I’m still so proud that I got to coach my high school team for a season and that they finished 7th overall at SRAAs. Go Tigers!!

Winter training tips for coxswains… (in the summer…)


Music to erg to, pt. 41 Peter Frampton, B.O.B., Blink 182, Kesha, The Killers, Queen, etc.

2013 IRA Grand Final

QOTD: This kind of relates to the not being first off the start but my coxswain would always tell us not to walk even if we could, until the sprint so that we would be sure we could hold it. She thought it made more sense, and the majority of my boat agreed with her. I however think that if you can walk then you should walk, where ever you are in the race. What do you think?

QOTD: Are there any good rowing magazines? If so, does it include anything for coxswains? (In addition to ROWING, now there’s Row360.)

It’s OK to not be in first place…

QOTD: Hello! I’m not great at estimating distances but I’m learning and getting better – but my coach told me and the other coxswains on the team that it is better to call the sprint early and then ask for 10 more strokes than to call it a little late and wonder what could have been (strokes used in the race). However, I always feel bad if I tell the rowers we have twenty strokes left when we actually have thirty. What do you think? Is my coach wrong or do I just need to suck it up? Thanks!!

Episcopal Academy 4+ at SRAAs – listen to this recording.


QOTD: Any words of advice for making the transition from coxing at the high school level to coxing in university? I had my first practice this week (the uni has a club program in the summer) and it’s safe to say that the practice was a little… rocky. Is this normal for the first practice? My coach was really great about it all, saying I have the whole summer to get up to speed and I made sure to take full responsibility for any errors or spotty bits in my communication so as not to start off poorly with the rowers (I’m a girl coxing the men’s team, by the way). But I guess I’m just worried about all the usual things… gaining respect, executing the workout and drills properly, meeting the rowers’ and coach’s expectations, etc. I could rant all day to you about this, but I suppose it just comes down to: do I have too high expectations of myself in wanting things to go smoothly right off the bat? How long do you think it will take to get in the swing of things? Sorry if this question isn’t quite coherent…

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Rower Helen Glover reveals she could retire after 2016 Rio Olympic Games

2015-06-05 11:22
Source Channel:  Guardian - Rowing Source Link:

• Won pairs gold with Heather Stanning at London 2012
• Glover cannot see herself competing after Games in Brazil

The Olympic gold medallist Helen Glover has revealed she may retire after next year’s Games in Rio de Janeiro.

The 28-year-old won pairs gold with Heather Stanning at the London Olympics in 2012 but cannot see her career going much further than Brazil.

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Women's Sport Week - A Reflection

2015-06-05 09:01
Source Channel:  British Rowing Source Link:

Women’s Sport Week (1-7 June 2015) is the first initiative of its kind to devote a week to promoting women in sport. It provides an opportunity for everybody involved with playing, delivering, leading or working in sport to celebrate, raise awareness and increase the profile of women’s sport across the UK. 

British Rowing are fully supportive and encourage all of our members to get involved in this initiative. The campaign has been supported consistently throughout the week through our social media channels as we recognise the importance of equality and opportunities for women in sport.

The week was set up as a part of a number of recommendations of the Government Advisory Board on Women’s Sport and the Chairman of British Rowing, Annamarie Phelps was part of the small working group who pulled the initiative together. This group was put together by a larger group of sports organisation representatives, including media channels, sporting National Governing Bodies (NGBs) and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport. Annamarie volunteered to represent the sporting NGBs to help drive the success of the week.

As part of the week’s activities, British Rowing spent a beautiful Wednesday morning at the Tideway Scullers School, (TSS) in Chiswick with the master’s women’s group, to capture their weekly rowing session. Annamarie supported the morning and said that “Women’s Sport Week is a chance to highlight the number of women already partaking in sport whilst also trying to encourage more women to take part in sports like rowing”

The interest for this rowing session attracted broadcast media with Sky Sports and London Live in attendance to support the week, promoting the importance of women in sport, but more specifically on this particular occasion, women in rowing.

Louisa Reeve, Great Britain Women’s 8+ showed her support for Women’s Sport Week (WSW) by attending the morning and expressed that “it is really important to get women involved in sport to experience all the benefits, such as the fun and friendships”

The TSS women were filmed during their session preparation and reflected the flexibility that we have within our sport as they paddle at different times during the week and have made rowing fit into their lives: just like many of our rowing community across the country.

Sophia said that rowing “Feels like flying (I think)”, whilst Vicky discussed “the comradery in crew boats, being outdoors, the tranquillity of the river and it makes you feel young”.

Women’s Sport Week is both about getting more women and girls involved in sport and an opportunity to showcase our female athletes who are at the top of their game. This week is an opportunity for everyone to get involved and show their support for women’s sport.

We would like to say thank you to the rowing community for supporting Women’s Sport Week and thank the Tideway Scullers masters women for their time and support.

Support Women’s Sport Week by tweeting #WSW2015 @BritishRowing

See the London Live footage here

GB Rowing Team name para-rowing squad for World Cup in Varese

2015-06-04 09:39
Source Channel:  GB Rowing Team Source Link:

The GB Rowing Team has named the World Championship-winning mixed coxed four as part of a seven-strong para-rowing squad for the forthcoming World Cup in Varese, Italy.

Reigning Paralympic and World champion Pamela Relph has come through a closely-contested selection with Rose Linden to once again row with James Fox, Grace Clough, Dan Brown and cox Oliver James.

The British four – with Relph in the boat in event one and Linden in event two – won two gold medals at the recent International Para-Rowing Regatta in Gavirate, Italy.

“The competition for places has always been high but it seems to have stepped up now that Rio is just around the corner,” said Relph.

“The standard in training has gone up – everyone is hitting bigger scores, everyone is lifting bigger weights.”

Rachel Morris will make her return to competitive action in the arms-shoulders single scull when the World Cup takes place from June 19-21.

The former Paralympic hand-cycling champion, who reached the World Championships final in her debut season, underwent shoulder surgery in April but has made a good recovery.

Competing in the men’s event in Varese will be Beijing 2008 Paralympic champion and 2014 World silver medallist Tom Aggar, who started his season by winning gold and silver in Gavirate.

Britain won six gold medals during that weekend in Gavirate but the whole team is expecting a tougher test at the World Cup.

Fox said: “We almost had a clean sweep of gold medals as a team in Gavirate, which was a pretty good way to start the season.

“But there will be more depth of competition at the World Cup. Our biggest challengers last year were the Americans and they were not in Gavirate, so hopefully they will be there in Varese.”

Relph added: “It will be really good to see what other people have been up to during the winter.

“We know what we have been doing and how that is going to affect our speed, so it will be good to put that to the test against stiff competition.”

The GB Rowing Team para-rowing squad is supported by the National Lottery and Guide Dogs.

CREW LISTS (Includes club, home town, date of birth)

GB Rowing Team para-rowing squad for World Cup II in Varese, Italy from June 19-21

LTA 4+

Grace Clough (Nottingham RC/Sheffield/21.06.91)
Daniel Brown (Upper Thames BC/Reading/29.11.82)
Pamela Relph (Leander Club/Aylesbury/14.11.89)
James Fox (Univ of London/Peterborough/02.05.92)
Oliver James (cox) (Leander Club/Henley-on-Thames/05.10.90)
Coach: Tom Dyson

ASM 1x

Tom Aggar (Marlow RC/Maidenhead/24.05.84)
Coach: Nick Baker

ASW 1x

Rachel Morris (Guildford RC/Farnham/25.04.79)
Coach: Tom Dyson




For background information about the The GB Rowing Team contact the Press office on (01225) 384211 or or 07831 755351

For picture requests please contact:

GB Rowing Team website, including full rower biogs:

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THE GB ROWING TEAM is supported by the Lottery through UK Sport and has Science in Sport as a supplier. SAS Analytics is the Official Analytics Partner of British Rowing and the GB Rowing Team

The NCAA Rowing Championships, 2015: RR Recap and Review

2015-06-03 13:51
Source Channel:  Rowing Related Source Link:

And they're off! (Photo: M. Davis)

The 2015 NCAA Championships were arguably the most exciting to date, and featured a Division I finale that pitted the defending champs against an undefeated crew. Meanwhile, both Division II and Division III crowned new champions, while newcomers also made a...

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The 2015 IRA National Championship Regatta: RR Recap and Review

2015-06-02 11:32
Source Channel:  Rowing Related Source Link:

The view from Conibear Shellhouse (Photo: B. Kitch)

In large part, the 2015 IRA confirmed our suspicions. That is to say, when all was said and done, our preseason picks didn't look all that bad. But how they got there is a whole different story.

Heavyweight Rowing
For several of the teams in...

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Website Refresh

2015-06-02 10:32
Source Channel:  British Rowing Source Link:

We are redeveloping our website to support our ever increasing and excitingly diverse membership: from the young, to the not so young and those fierce racers to those enjoying a Sunday paddle, we want to hear from you.

As a valued member of British Rowing, we want to hear what you think of our current website to help tailor our online services to support your needs.  

Our online survey should only take five minutes to complete and you could be in with the chance of winning a £100 House of Fraser voucher, or be one of five lucky runners-up to receive a year’s free membership to British Rowing - T&Cs apply (see below)

Your opinion matters to us so make sure you have your say, today. The survey will be open for a couple of weeks so please encourage friends and families to share their thoughts too.

Share your thoughts here

Thanks, and good luck!

Terms and Conditions

This competition is open to people aged 16 and over. Entrants are required to provide an email address (entrants under 18 are required to provide their parent/guardian’s email address).
The closing date is 23:59 BST 15th June 2015.
The winner must be able to provide a UK based postal address.
There will be six separate prizes: 1x £100 House of Fraser voucher and 5x runner’s up prizes of a one year British Rowing membership.
Prizes cannot be exchanged or refunded and there is no cash alternative. The prize is non-transferrable.
The prize draw winner(s) will be selected at random after the specified closing date. Winner(s) will be notified by email within 1 month of the specified closing date.
The winner has 14 days from the date of notification to accept their prize. After this the prize may be awarded to another entrant.By entering you grant British Rowing permission to use your name for announcing the winner of the prize draw.
Winner of a runner’s up prize of a British Rowing annual membership:

  • If you are an existing member, you will be provided with a one year free renewal.
  • If you are not an existing member, you will need to register to become one and be provided with one year’s free membership.

British Rowing reserves the right to amend or alter the terms of the competition at any time and reject entries from entrants not entering into the spirit of the competition.
In the event of a prize being unavailable, British Rowing reserves the right to offer an alternative prize of equal or greater value.
Where applicable, the decision of British Rowing is final based on the criteria set out in the promotion and no correspondence will be entered into over this decision. Competitions may be modified or withdrawn at any time.
British Rowing staff and relatives are ineligible for the prize.
All data will remain confidential and published results will be anonymous.

A great turn out at Metropolitan Amateur Regatta 2015

2015-06-02 09:47
Source Channel:  British Rowing Source Link:

While the GB Rowing Team were busy winning medals at the European Rowing Championships in Poznan, some of Britain’s top club rowers were racing at the 2015 Metropolitan Amateur Regatta at Dorney Lake. 

The overall entry was much larger than 2014 with Regatta Chairman Jess Terrell commenting ‘We had crews from all the Home Nations this year (and Republic of Ireland) which resulted in some great racing. It was also really wonderful to see crews such as Sport Imperial and OUWBC providing some of the best domestic women’s racing outside of HWR’

In addition to the large clubs from the Thames region, the Regatta also attracted crews from smaller and further afield clubs with notable appearances from City of Cambridge RC, Aberdeen RC and Dart Totnes Amateur RC

Conditions were good throughout Saturday with racing held every 5 minutes from 9 in the morning until just after 7 in the evening. The afternoon provided some spectacularly close finals particularly in the Junior quad sculls where Leander finished ahead of Northwich RC and Grange School. Meanwhile, Sir William Borlase opted to race in the Senior quads event which they won by just under 1 second ahead of a Welsh composite crew. There was a strong field in elite single sculls with several GB Squad members racing. Brianna Stubbs from Wallingford RC winning the womens event and Oliver Cook representing the University of London BC took the honours in the mens event. 

Sunday’s racing saw slightly more challenging conditions, but didn’t prevent the organisers from being available to run the full programme with some excellent racing. The day began with a time trial for the ‘Challenge 8s’ with 52 mens crews and 23 womens crews racing over 1900m then being seeded into ranked semi-finals. The format provided an exciting series of side-by-side racing for all of the eights, a format which was well received by the competitors. 

Oxford Brookes were the only club to get 2 crews into the ‘A-final’ of the men’s eights with the 1st 8 finishing 2nd overall. Their win of the Senior category in a time of 5:37.41 broke their club record which was set by their crew that won the Temple Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta last year.  The fastest 8 overall was from Leander club finishing in a time of 5:34.34.  

Leander also took the honours in the women’s 8s with Thames RC in second place (winning the Senior category) and Oxford Brookes in third (winning the IM1 category)

Whilst some of the students from Exeter University BC were busy winning medals (in women’s IM2 4+ on Saturday and women’s Senior 4+ and lightweight elite 2x on Sunday), the rest of the club were at the start all day covering stakeboat duties.  Aldert White who was part of the team said ‘"It was great to be able to stake boat for such a prestigious regatta and fantastic to have the opportunity to watch so much good racing. The team worked well with the umpires and it was an invaluable and exciting experience for the EUBC members involved.’

After racing had finished, Jess Terrell said ‘Conditions were tough this year, especially Sunday, so congratulations to all the crews that raced – and all the umpires and volunteers that kept the racing safe and fair. I hope we see everyone back next year for our 150th anniversary!’.

Full results from the Regatta are now available at:

Report by James Lee

Photos by James Lee & Paul Williams

Video Of The Week: Reflecting on the 2015 Racing Season, with UCSB Crew

2015-06-02 03:37
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The UCSB Crew boathouse (Screen capture)

This week's video comes to us from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where the 2014-2015 Gaucho men's and women's crews had one of the most successful spring seasons in the history of the program.

The Gaucho men got things started with a bang at...

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Keeping Your PM5 Firmware Up-to-Date

2015-06-01 20:00
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Your Performance Monitor (PM) comes with the latest firmware (on-board software) preinstalled. However, new versions come out on a fairly regular basis—whether to add new features, fix bugs or make other improvements. With a goal of making it easy for you to keep your PM up-to-date, we offer free software called the Concept2 Utility, which enables you to download and install the latest PM firmware at any time. It also enables you to do other things with your workout results—but for now, this article will focus on the firmware update capability.

Are you curious to know if your PM5 firmware is current? From the Main Menu, select More Options > Utilities > Product ID. The version number will be listed as "PM Firmware Version" at the top of the Product ID window. Check the Firmware Timeline to find out what the latest available firmware version is, and what it has to offer.

To update your PM, you’ll need a way of getting the updated firmware from the Concept2 Utility (which lives on your computer) to the PM (which lives on your indoor rower or SkiErg). This can be accomplished in either of two ways:

  • Recommended: Use a USB cable to directly connect your PM to your computer.
  • Alternate method: Use a USB flash drive to receive the firmware update from the Utility, and then deliver it to the PM5. (May not work with all flash drives.)

The first step is to download the free Concept2 Utility from our website. Then follow the instructions provided to complete the firmware update. We’ve put together some videos to help guide you through this process:

Video of the Week: NAAO Documentary on the 1979 Men’s 8+

2015-06-01 00:05
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I’m such a sucker for rowing documentaries so I was really excited when I came across this one (on John Biglow’s YouTube account, no less – if you don’t know who he is, read “The Amateurs”). It was made by the National Association of Amateur Oarsmen (one of USRowing’s predecessors) and goes behind the scenes with Harry Parker as the national team’s men’s eight trains for the 1979 World Championships in Bled (when Yugoslavia still existed). He talks about the workouts they do (3 minutes at 37spm – ow), the equipment they use (wood vs. fiberglass shells, kevlar vs. wood oars, etc.), his system for record-keeping and logging his practices/workouts/observations on the rowers (coxswains, this would be beneficial for you), why he doesn’t do technical drills very often, etc.

The last nine minutes shows footage from the 1983 sculling camp that Harry ran in Boston, with several of the attendees being the subjects of “The Amateurs”, which was written two years later.

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Callus Quench – so good it’s spooky – AND I’m giving some away!!

2015-05-31 21:30
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With just two (*gulp*) weeks left until the British Masters Champs, aka Nat Vets, I’ve been spending a lot of time on the river lately. Normally by this stage in proceedings, with outings consisting of sweaty, splashy sprints, my hands are a horrible mess. Blisters, callouses, blisters under callouses, rips, tears and broken nails. It’s not pretty. My only consolation is that since I’m a bowsider, I don’t have to shake hands with my bad hand.

This year, however, everything is different. My left hand sports just a neat little row of small-but-perfectly-formed callouses. No blisters underneath them. No bits hanging off. Beautiful. To a rower, anyway. Perhaps not so great for a hand model.

The reason for the change may be partly down to an improvement in my technique – perhaps I’m not gripping quite so hard on the blade handles. But it’s not just that. No. The main reason my hands are in such good nick is because of a brilliant little product – only just launched – that I discovered recently: Callus Quench by Dermalicious.

I had seen pictures on Instagram of the transformation in the hands of weight lifters and wanted to know more, so I contacted the company and they kindly sent me a sample. It was well timed as I received my tube just as I returned from my rowing trip to Bellagio when I’d spent two days sculling. After a winter season only doing sweep oar, and not very much of that, my right hand had the texture of finely-spun silk and the trip took its toll. I had a nasty raw patch in the middle of my palm, just bursting to be treated.

Well, let’s just let the picture do the talking. The top picture is my right hand when I got home, before applying Callus Quench. Below is the same hand 24 hours later.

Since then I’ve used the stuff religiously. The theory is that rather than encouraging your callouses to dry out, you should tend them like a newborn infant. Dried-out callouses are at risk of cracking, ripping and then bleeding, so instead you hydrate them and keep sanding them down to a tolerable size. And guess what? It actually works. It’s pretty miraculous on dry lips as well and, I’m told, on hard feet, too (but of course I’m too ladylike to have hard feet, so just have to take their word for that).

The key to the product’s success is not magic pixie dust, as I had assumed, but rather the gorgeous ingredients. Just look at the list – it almost sounds edible (don’t eat it, by the way).

  • Beeswax:  Acts as a hardening agent, allowing the lotion stick to be portable in a tube.  It acts as an emollient and a humectant, drawing moisture to the skin and sealing it in.
  • Avocado butter:  Helps to moisturize rough, dry, cracked skin with out skin feeling sticky.
  • Safflower oil: Highly moisturizing and deeply soothing.
  • Castor oil: This heavy viscosity oil has soothing and healing properties, which acts as a medium barrier against harsh conditions and or environments.
  • Emu oil:  Contains fatty acids (omegas) that have incredible healing properties on skin application from cuts, burns, psoriasis, sore muscles, nail fungus, joint pain etc.  But the omega’s big job is to reduce inflammation, therefore reducing pain and discomfort. .
  • Lanolin:  Works great on extremely dry/chapped skin.  Lanolin is a derivative sheeps wool, and it locks existing moisture into the skin and absorbs additional moisture from the air around it. It’s rejuvenating to the dry skin tissue, and skin cracking.  Due to its skin cracking relief, it’s popular among breast feeding mothers.  Unfortunately, some people are allergic to Lanolin.
  • Tamanu oil: Remarkable topical healing agent.  Notable for scarring, stretch marks, cuts, rashes, sores etc.
  • Calendula infused oil:  Gentle, cooling and soothing oil.  A must for an herbal first aid remedy which is infused in organic olive oil.
  • Comfrey infused oil: Used for wound healing and cell proliferation, infused in organic olive oil
  • Plantain infused oil: This oil is a skin lubricant that offers a speedy recovery.  Infused in organic olive oil.
  • Oregano infused oil:  Treats Candida, fungus and skin conditions and significantly improves psoriasis and eczema.
  • St. Johns Wort infused oil: Offers speedy recovery of wounds, stings and mild skin irritations.  Infused in organic olive oil.
  • Yarrow infused oil: Used for wounds, infections and bleeding.  Yarrow has antiseptic action, and works wonders on eczema.
  • Olive oil: This organic, and extra virgin olive oil is used as a carrier oil for all our infusions.
  • Sea Buckthorn oil: This oil is loaded with fatty acids and carotenes and is a concentrated, highly prized oil for damaged skin.
  • Rosemary extract: A natural preservative
  • Essential oils: Peppermint & lavender for their cooling and soothing properties.

Sounds good? You can buy it from Etsy here alongside the COOLEST wristbands (Wonder Woman!!!) and head bands (please, please, please do some Wonder Woman headbands, too!)

Better still, you have the chance to win your own tube of Callus Quench as they have kindly given me 10 tubes to give away!!

All you have to do is follow the Rafflecopter instructions below. I promise I won’t be using this as an email-harvesting exercise – just a way of spreading the love. I’m afraid I can only allow UK entries (sorry!)

 a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck. And if Dermalicious could just sort out my rotten nails, my life would be complete ♥

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Men’s four provide highlight of Britain’s six-gold haul at Europeans

2015-05-31 16:03
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• Olympic champions Helen Glover and Heather Stanning take women’s pair
• Kat Copeland wins lightweight women’s double with Charlotte Taylor

Great Britain claimed an impressive six golds in a medal tally of 10 on the final day of the European Championships in Poznan.

The 52-strong team defended the men’s four and women’s pair golds they won last year and added new winners in the lightweight women’s double, men’s open and lightweight pairs, and the lightweight women’s single scull.

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