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Music to erg to, pt. 23

2014-01-17 10:15
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Two quick notes: If you missed the stuff about the Junior National Team from last week, check it out. Men’s ID camps start tomorrow! ID camps for the ladies begin on February 8th. It’s $50 to register for a camp and can be done on Regatta Central under USRowing’s tab.  Secondly, CRASH-Bs are in one month on February 17th at BU’s Agganis Arena. Registration started in December but if you haven’t signed up yet you’ve still got about two weeks left to register (the deadline is January 27th at midnight). If you aren’t up for competing I highly recommend you sign up to be a volunteer. I’ve done it the past two years and had a lot of fun. There are a ton of people competing and lots to be done so the likelihood that you’ll be bored is very slim. The first year I did it I worked in the front and signed the athletes in and last year I was a floor coxswain. Free food and a free t-shirt…what more could you want?

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Olympic Champions to swap boats for bikes

2014-01-17 09:16
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Next time Olympic rowing champions Tom James MBE and Mark Hunter MBE don their lycra, it will be to prepare for a fight to the finish of a different kind. The decorated former GB Rowing Team rowers will be getting in the saddle to take on the British Heart Foundation’s iconic London to Brighton Bike Ride which opens to the public for registration this Saturday 18th January.

Tom, who has won gold in the last two Olympic Games as part of the coxless four, and Mark, lightweight double sculls Champion and silver medallist at the Beijing and London Olympics respectively, have joined forces to form a dynamic cycling team to ride the 54 mile journey to Brighton’s seafront in support of the fight against heart disease; a cause that both men are all too familiar with.

Just a year before his triumphant win at London 2012, Tom was diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation – a dangerous heart rhythm disorder that affects over one million people in the UK. 

At just 27-years old and leading a healthy lifestyle, Tom was shocked to find that he was living with a heart condition. However, through quick treatment he was back into his training within weeks.

Tom says: "Had it been left untreated I wouldn’t have gone on to compete in London 2012 and win Olympic Gold. Heart disease can affect anyone, even an athlete like me. This is why I’m taking part in the BHF’s London to Brighton Bike Ride this year to help raise funds for essential research which will continue to bring life-changing treatments for the millions living with heart disease across the UK."

And heart disease doesn’t just affect those it strikes but deals a devastating blow to families and friends too, as Mark found out.

In 1997, his dad suffered a cardiac arrest on London Bridge and had to be revived with a defibrillator four times by paramedics.

Mark remembers: "I will never lose the image of my father lying their helpless as the paramedics fought to bring him back to life. My dad is my hero and I very nearly lost him. This is why I’ll be riding 54 miles from London to Brighton this Father’s Day. It’s vital that we recognise that heart disease can affect anyone at any time and do our part in helping those that can to find the cure that’s so desperately needed."

The BHF’s London to Brighton Bike Ride is the oldest and largest charity bike ride in Europe with 28,000 riders taking to their bikes every summer. In its 39 year history, the BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride, supported by Santander, has seen over 750,000 people get on their bikes and raise over £60 million to fight heart disease.

Coronary heart disease remains the single biggest killer in the UK claiming nearly 74,000 lives every year – that’s over 200 people every day. Thanks to the money raised, the BHF is leading the fight against it but there’s still work to do.

This year the ride will take place on Sunday 15 June 2014 setting off from Clapham Common, South London to the Brighton seafront. Ditchling Beacon is the highest point of the ride at 813 feet, and is a renowned challenge amongst cyclists. 

Registration for the London to Brighton Bike Ride opens at 10am on Saturday 18 January. Visit or call 0845 130 8663.

Taking to the Tank - Inclusive Rowing in Durham

2014-01-17 05:48
Source Channel:  British Rowing Source Link:

A new and inclusive rowing programme has been launched in Co. Durham, enabling young people with SEN to get out onto the water and have a go at rowing.

The partnership programme is led by Durham Trinity School and Sports College and supported by Durham Amateur Rowing Club, who have allocated a coach through the Stewards' Charitable Trust to deliver weekly sessions, as well as providing their club facility and stables boats to get the youngsters out onto the water. Durham University is providing coaches, facilities and access to their indoor rowing tank - a key facility to help rowing become more accessible to people with SEN. British Rowing's Rowability Project Officer, Katherine Morris, will be supporting the programme alongside County Durham Sport, to ensure that the rowing activities are as inclusive as possible to SEN participants.

The project's long aim is to support DARC, the local rowing club, as it continues to offer youngsters with SEN the opportunity to row if they wish to pursue rowing outside of school.

Funding secured by Durham Trinity School and Sports College through the Get Set Network from the British Olympic Committee will be supported further by time and resources from a variety of partners including, DARC (through their SCT coach), Durham University and County Durham Sport (Co. Durham’s County Sports Partnership).

The programme will run for up to 12 weeks, with weekly activity sessions giving young people the opportunity to experience rowing on indoor rowing machines and in Durham University’s state-of-the-art rowing tank. There will also be the opportunity to progress into stable boats out on the River Wear.

The University’s rowing tank (a rowing boat simulator - allowing people to experience the feeling of being in an eight person boat on the water but in a fully-controlled and safe environment) is a key element to being able to introduce young people with such varying SEN to rowing.

The success of this programme is reliant on the support and commitment from a number of partners, including County Durham Sport which has supported the development of the partnership, as well as bringing partners together to help to strengthen delivery, access to facilities and help to explore ongoing rowing opportunities for young people with SEN. 

Three schools who attended the launch event on Wednesday - Durham Trinity School and Sports College, King James and The Oaks - each bringing six to eight pupils with SEN. The programme will work with a minimum of six schools in the county, who will each identify a small group of young people with SEN to take part in the programme.

The launch event, held at Durham University’s rowing tank, put an emphasis on fun and social rowing, encouraging the pupils to have a go on both the rowing machines as well as the rowing tank. Holly, a student from King James who had never had the opportunity to try rowing before, was very excited to be involved. After experiencing the first session on the rowing machines last week, this was her first time in the tank. After taking the stroke seat in the tank, she enthusiastically explained that she’d enjoyed the experience and that it was “awesome leading the group”. Holly has aspirations of one day taking to the water, sooner rather than later.

For more information about the project, contact Becks Lippe, County Durham Sport:

They think it’s all over…

2014-01-17 05:40
Source Channel:  Girl on the River Source Link:

Pete shows us how it’s done
Photograph courtesy of Pete Reed

It was going so well. I was crossing my daily press ups off my calendar and looking forward to the day when the numbers became really challenging. I am, of course, referring to the great Press Up Challenge of 2014 instigated by Olympic rowing champion, Pete Reed (#PUC2014). I was reasonably hopeful that with a bit of determination I could make it through to the end of the challenge and would effortlessly perform 365 perfect press ups on 31st December this year. OK, I’ll even admit I was showing off a bit – doing an extra five here and there and feeling pretty pleased with myself.

Sadly, though, it wasn’t to be. As the days passed I became aware that my left shoulder – the scene of a rotator cuff injury a couple of years ago – was starting to feel a tiny bit crunchy. When it went from crunchy to sore I realised that enough was enough. The press ups were making it worse and there was nothing for it – I needed to rest it if I wanted to carry on rowing this year. As my son wisely said, “You don’t want to end up being Girl on the Bank instead of Girl on the River”.

So it is that my Press Up Challenge petered out (if Pete will forgive the expression) with a mournful whimper on Day 16.

So far so disappointing… except that, as any of my regular readers will know, Girl on the River doesn’t give up without a fight. So it is that I have switched from daily press ups to daily sit ups instead (with Pete’s blessing – I am nothing if not obedient). Today I popped out 17 crunches with no shoulder pain and am joining the elite ranks of those doing the #SUC2014. The rules are the same – you just substitute sit ups for press ups. As with the Press Up Challenge it’s wise to vary the position a little, so I’ll be doing straight sit ups, sit ups with a twist and any other variations I can think of.

They think it’s all over? Well it ain’t over until the fat lady sings, and I can’t hear her yet.

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Suspended Rowing Clubs 2014 *Updated 17.01.2014*

2014-01-17 04:26
Source Channel:  British Rowing Source Link:

The 31st December deadline for the submission of Club Safety Audits has now passed. The following clubs have yet to submit an audit or to have their audit accepted by their Regional Rowing Safety Adviser and are therefore suspended from racing.

Club Safety Audits can be submitted online at:

As soon as clubs’ Safety Audits have been submitted and accepted by the relevant Regional Rowing Safety Adviser, they will be allowed to race. For more details contact Nicola Thompson:

East Midlands

  • Gainsborough Rowing Club
  • Plesiosaur Boat Club
  • STBC Club


  • Black Prince Boat Club
  • Cambridge, City of, Rowing Club
  • Christs College Boat Club
  • Eton Mission Rowing Club
  • Girton College Boat Club
  • Granta Boat Club
  • Hertfordshire, University of, RC
  • Infidel, The, Boat Club
  • Maximum Entropy Boat Club
  • Newnham College Boat Club
  • Rob Roy Boat Club

North West

  • None


  • None

Thames (London)

  • Orion Rowing Club
  • St Georges Hospital Med.Sch.Boat Club
  • Thames Tradesmen's Rowing Club
  • The 1829 Boat Club
  • United Hospitals Boat Club

Thames (South East)

  • Canterbury Pilgrims Boat Club
  • Kent College Boat Club
  • Kent, University of, Rowing Club
  • Mossbourne Community Academy Boat Club
  • Spitfire Boat Club

Thames (Upriver)

  • Brunel University Rowing Club
  • Claires Court School Boat Club
  • Dorney Boat Club
  • Exeter College Boat Club
  • Halliford School Boat Club
  • Hinchley Wood Boat Club
  • Kingston Students Rowing Club
  • Oratory Cardinals Rowing Club
  • Oxford University Lwt Womens Rowing Club
  • Skiff Club, The
  • Tethys Boat Club
  • Windsor Girls School, The, Boat Club


  • Meles Boat Club

Wessex & South East Coast

  • Bexhill Rowing Club
  • Bournemouth University Boat Club
  • Deal Walmer And Kingsdown ARC
  • Hastings & St Leonards Rowing Club
  • Herne Bay Amateur Rowing Club
  • Icena Club
  • Southampton University Boat Club
  • Worthing Rowing Club

West Midlands 

  • A.B. Severn Boat Club
  • Hereford Cathedral School Boat Club
  • Pengwern Boat Club
  • Shrewsbury High School Boat Club
  • Two Lions Boat Club
  • Warwick Graduate Association Boat Club


  • Mayflower Offshore Rowing Club
  • Tiverton Rowing Club


  • None

Oxford Trial VIIIs Crews Announced

2014-01-16 19:00
Source Channel:  The Boat Race Source Link:

The two crews that will race in the Oxford University Boat Club Trial VIIIs have been announced.

Rowing loses member of a rowing dynasty

2014-01-16 13:17
Source Channel:  British Rowing Source Link:

British Rowing is sad to announce the death of Nick Bevan on 12th January, aged 72 years, following a long illness.

Nick was part of a Bevan rowing dynasty, with an extended family that on one occasion filled a rowing Eight.  His uncle, E.V. Bevan won Gold in 1928 at the Amsterdam Olympics and whilst Nick was an accomplished rower himself, with wins at Henley Royal Regatta and the Boat Race, he will be remembered by many for his considerable contribution to school rowing.

Our sincere condolences go to his family and many friends in rowing.

The family have said that they will hold a small and private family funeral which will be followed by a memorial service at a later date.

UKKC Level 2 offer for British Rowing clubs

2014-01-16 11:24
Source Channel:  British Rowing Source Link:

Has your club accessed its special, one-off discount for the UKCC Level 2 coaching course yet? Each of our affiliated rowing clubs received a unique code in the latest Club Stream - mailed out to Club Secretaries on 20th December 2013.

The code, which is valid from 1st January to 31st December 2014, enables every affiliated club to book a place on a Level 2 coaching course at two-thirds of the normal price - a saving of £132 on the usual course price of £395.

Use the code to claim your discount when booking a place using our online booking system, which can be accessed via the Education & Training calendar:

Clubs are encouraged to support their coach by matching the British Rowing contribution once they have received their qualification - this means that the candidate would only pay one-third towards the overall cost of the course.

Terms & Conditions
The voucher is valid from 1st January-31st December 2014 and can only be used once for one candidate. The discount is applicable to the UKCC Level 2 Rowing course only. For any queries relating to your voucher code please contact Elaine Murphy on

Variety the key for off-season training

2014-01-16 11:03
Source Channel:  World Rowing Source Link:

Rowing’s off-season training can be long and monotonous. No matter how much enthusiasm athletes go into their training with, it is hard to find one who wouldn’t love the opportunity to have a break in routine - even for just a few days.